Don’t be scared of word “cancer.” Cancer can be prevented, treated and cured. We need to be proactive and know the various signs and symptoms of it. I was able to complete my semester block internship with BCS successfully and now moving forward with the well versed about cancer and also able to developed many skills.

Despite all of the challenges I was able to learn and experience new things starting from riding city bus. It was during the internship that I was able to see the power of networking and genuine benefit of going out of my way to say a simple hello to the patient. Thanks to BCS I was was able to be involved in elimination of cervical cancer by 2054, through involving in screening camp. I was fortunate enough to assist our JDWNRH Gynecologic oncologist Dr. Ugyen Tshomo and BCS staff. 

I would like to thank BCS million times for showering me with unconditional love, care and support and also encouraging me from the very first day of my internship till the end. Yes, I was able to fulfill my expectations and I was encouraged enough to be a competent social worker in future, thank you BCS for the opportunity la.

I felt like a child discovering the world anew. 


Our intern from FNPH

My experience at BCS. When I was younger and lost my grandpa to cancer, I vowed that I will have to solve this mystery because I couldn’t do anything...

Srijana Dhakal

President of BCS Club at College of Natural Resources

The lessons learned in classroom are a theoretical knowledge, learning without adopting practical approach. It is based on the experience and knowledge of others. Though theoretical knowledge gives deeper...

Tenzin Eutsho

President of BCS Club at College of Natural Resources

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands-one for helping yourself, the other for helping others” – Audrey Hepburn I believe that every individual matters,...

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