According to the Bhutan Cancer Report 2015, the government spent a large amount of budget in cancer treatment with an average of 160 million per annum for referral cases abroad. Since the cost of treatment is high, BCS focuses on prevention and advocacy to reduce the prevalence of cancer in Bhutan in collaboration with national and international stakeholders. Given the cost of treatment, focusing on prevention allows a higher chance of survival since a majority of the common cancers occurring in Bhutan is preventable with early detection. The general literacy rate in Bhutan is 63% (Bhutan living standards Survey 2012) which indicates that Bhutan still has a low literacy rate which requires us to focus more on community based prevention and educating the community about cancer. BCS also come up with different awareness programs and observe the Global Observant Day including World Cancer Day, World Head and Neck cancer day and all other cancer awareness days. We optimize prevention by improving access to knowledge and information through community based awareness campaigns. We educate cancer patients and caregivers on nutrition, side effects management and life style. We raise awareness on cancer prevention, early diagnosis, screening and treatment compliance. We establish system for follow-up of cancer patients for better treatment outcome.