“I am keen to alleviate the suffering cancer brings not only through palliative and curative care but also through a preventive and public health approach”

Dr. Sangay Thinley is the Chairperson of Bhutan Cancer Society. Dr Sangay Thinley is a retiree who served as the Director in the WHO South East Asia Regional Office in Delhi. Prior to that he was the Health Secretary in the Royal Government of Bhutan. He also served as the Health and Education Secretary in the erstwhile Health and Education Ministry. He is a medical graduate (MBBS) from Bangalore Medical College in India (1980), a diploma holder of Institute of Dermatology in Bangkok (1986) and a Master of Public Health from the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in USA (1991). While serving in various capacities in the health services, he also initiated the National STD/AIDS Programme and was the first National STD/AIDS Programme Manager.