Dr. Tashi Dendup is the only Surgical Oncologist at JDWNRH and KGUMSB .He completed his MBBS at Sylhet Medical College University of Chittagong and his Masters in General Surgery from the Armed Force Medical College in Pune. He further completed fellowship in Surgical Oncology at National Cancer Institute, Bangkok.  With many years of expertise and dedication, he serves in the capacity of technical advisor in BCS. He is a General Surgeon and Surgical Oncologist and have served as past Head of Department of Surgery in JDWNRH and at present works   with the JDWNRH and KGUMSB. Other than BCS, Dr. Tashi is also currently involved actively in other organizations and is the vice president of SAARC Federation of Oncology, Member executive of SAARC Surgical Society and is also an Asian Editorial Board member for the South Asian Journal of Cancer (SAJC) and life member of Union of international cancer control (UICC).