Bhutan Cancer Society is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 with a mission to reduce cancer incidences and mortality in the country. BCS primarily works under three main pillars namely awareness and advocacy, care and support, and research. BCS realizes that the requirements of cancer patients are not solely medical, having worked with them for many years. Personal, emotional, and financial requirements, as well as social care, are as important and should continue beyond the stages of treatment. 

Why BCS Exist?

BCS’ aims to reach out to underprivileged cancer patients and caregiver, and assist them to cope with their diagnosis and treatment.

BCS is dedicated to saving lives through information sharing, patient support and raising awareness about prevention and early diagnosis.

How Bhutan Cancer Society fulfills its mission?

Bhutan cancer society alone to stand all the storms is impossible, as we are created in the nature of interdependent to each other.

BCS collaborates with multiple stakeholders to improve access to treatment and enhance quality of live. We strive to forge a deep and lasting connection with our stakeholders. Our donors, members, and volunteers are key to our success. Their time, effort and contribution help us shape our programs and advance our mission.

News & Updates

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