Ms Sonam Yangchen, Executive Director

Ms Sonam Yangchen is currently working as the Executive Director for Bhutan Cancer Society. She received her degree in Bachelors in Business Administration from the Lewis Clark State College in IDAHO, USA and Master in International Administration and Global Governance from the Gothenburg University in Sweden. She worked as a research analyst with Bhutan Inter-disciplinary Research and Development. She also served as a member of National Council of Bhutan from 2008-2013. In addition, she has volunteered with non-profit organization at Bhutan Olympic Committee and Bhutan Tennis Federation in Thimphu as a coach and trainer for young athletes.

Kencho Dema, Accountant/Adm

Ms. Kencho is a class XII pass-out and she has previously interned with Kuensel Corporation. She hopes for a better cancer treatment options for cancer patients of Bhutan in the future.

Pema Yangchen, Assistant Program Officer

Ms. Pema Yangchen working as the Assistant Program Officer for Bhutan Cancer Society has received her degree in B. Com from Royal Thimphu College, Thimphu. She hopes to make a difference in someone else’s life and join the fight against cancer.

Anu Rai, Clinical Counselor

Ms. Anu Rai is currently working as Clinical Counselor with Bhutan Cancer Society and she has completed her Bachelor’s in Arts in psychology and graduated in the year of 2019 from Parul University (India, Gujarat). She joined BCS to support cancer patients and its caregiver. She aspires to reach out to caregivers and cancer patients with the understanding of mental health and counseling as a mode of effective treatment.