Every step you take to walk is healthy step and stepping in solidarity with those living with cancer

Welcome to the online registration portal for the 2021 Virtual World Cancer Walk for Cancer organised by Bhutan cancer society.

Date: 9th January-4th February, 2022
Venue: Your own route, any location, your distance, it’s all up to you!

The world cancer walk scheduled for 9th January 2022 is a global event with participants from over 20 cities.  This year, the event continues as a virtual walk-in support of those affected by Cancer.

The World cancer walk is a one-day event, however, BCS will continue the “Cancer Walk” by initiating “I walk so that no one walks their cancer journey alone” series II, a virtual campaign to start the conversation around and raise awareness about cancer. The challenge will conclude on 4th February 2022 coinciding with the World Cancer Day.

How does a Virtual event work?

A virtual walk replicates a physical location-based event, but online. Participants can walk any distance at your own pace in your neighbourhood from any location you choose.

Theme: World Cancer Walk


“I Walk so that no one walks their cancer journey alone”


To reduce incidence, morbidity, and mortality of cancer

Objective of the cancer walk challenge:

To increase public awareness about cancer and risk factors.

Encourage screening and early detection.

To help improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their families

We put everyone’s health as our priority and therefore do not intend for people to organise big walks in groups. So, like last year, people in Bhutan can walk alone and then post their photos/videos on social media pages to feel connected and to support the cause.

The rules are very simple:

1. Create a solo 41 seconds walk video (indoor or in your premises). Social distancing and staying away from group gatherings is the new reality. Please. follow COVID 19 safety protocols  at all times.

2. Tag us on your Video on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube with the following hashtags

#41SCWC #WORLDCANCERWALK2022#Bhutancancersociety #UICC

I walk so that no one walks their cancer journey alone”

Please join us for the world cancer walk!  You can walk any distance you want – anywhere you want – even if you’re in another state or another country from 9th January – 4th February 2022.  Most of you are out walking already, we are asking you to do it now for a cause.